Alligators Swim Over Fence Into Texas Woman’s Flooded Yard


Everyone in Texas is dealing with the wrath of Hurricane Harvey, and that includes the animals who call Texas home. 

Missouri City resident, Ariene Gonzalez Kelsch, shared a video on her Facebook of alligators literally swimming in her backyard. The video shows the flood waters rising way above a section of her fence, while enabled the alligators to swim into her backyard. 

Credit: Facebook- Ariene Gonzalez Kelsch

“Holy crap was my reaction. I felt relatively safe seeing them; it’s kind of cool. As long as I don’t open my door, I’m fine, but it’s still a little creepy,” Kelsch told the Houston Chronicle

She continued saying that the alligators weren’t the only wild animals wandering onto her property during the flood. “We have seen some snakes. That’s really what I am keeping an eye out for inside my house! Residents here in Lake Olympia will have sightings in the spring of baby alligators, but never inside our backyards,” Kelsch said.

Credit: Facebook- Ariene Gonzalez Kelsch

On Saturday, Houston’s Gator Squad responded to the Meyerland area to help retrieve a small alligator from a residence flooded by Hurricane Harvey

Additionally, more stories are continuing to come out of alligators making their way into family’s backyards and even homes. Just yesterday, a Houston man went fishing with his bare hands in his own home due to a fish making his way into the living room. 

Watch the video of the alligator below: 

To help the people and families devastated by Hurricane Harvey, please donate to the Red Cross by clicking here.

[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Ariene Gonzalez Kelsch]


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