Bronx Man Defends Wife From Attacker Only To Face Charges Of His Own

Victims to a cruel world, our future is never promised, leading lives without truly knowing what is in store for us, even in the following minutes. What can seem to be like any other normal day, could indeed, without any warnings, become our hell on earth…

Happy to make up for lost time, when Nenegale spent a few minutes chatting with her cousin at her home, she truly felt an inner happiness to have her there. Laughing at stories from their childhood, they never thought that within a few moments, their lives would be completely shattered…

The American Dream

Mamadou Diallo Story

When most people think about the Bronx borough of New York City, usually they think of a melting pot metropolis that thrives on diversity and tolerance. Years before, when Nenegale and her husband, Mamadou immigrated there from West Africa, they hoped to attain the American dream. But their dream would look more like an actual nightmare.

A Life They Never Had

Mamadou Diallo Story

The husband and wife duo worked tirelessly to provide for their children. They refused to allow their children to experience all the setbacks they had to go through their entire lives. The hardworking couple lived in a tiny, congested apartment, but that was all they needed and wanted. But, like any other big city, the Bronx has its fair share of crime and indeed, they would witness it firsthand…

A Visit From Family

Mamadou Diallo Story

On her day off, Nenegale usually spent the time tidying up her home, and most definitely, cooking traditional African meals would always be a part of her routine. But, that day would not be the case for Nenegale. On the beautiful summer night, her cousin would be visiting, and there was no time for trivial things. She was only looking forward to taking advantage of time with her cousin, but unexpected company would be arriving shortly…

A Knock On The Door

Mamadou Diallo Story

In the middle of laughter and reminiscing about past times, Nenegale and her cousin heard a knock on the door. Nenegale assumed it was her husband, a cabbie, who would often stop by home for dinner during his night shifts. But, she hesitated knowing Mamadou usually calls her in advance to have a meal ready, and he didn’t mention anything to her when they last spoke a hour before. Her gut told her to ask who was knocking, but she did not listen. Instead, she would open the door to the devil in disguise…

A Twisted Stranger

Mamadou Diallo Story

When Nenegale opened the door, a man frantically barged in, pushing her to the ground by the force of the door. The twisted stranger forced his way inside Nenegale’s home, cornering her in her own living room. Things were just happening way to quickly, catching both women completely off guard. In situations like these, perpetrators love to attack when their victims are vulnerable and at their mercy…

Sick Intentions

Mamadou Diallo Story

When Nenegale looked toward the man, she saw a look of pure evil in his eyes, a look that would haunt her for the rest of her life. She insisted she would give him money, but he didn’t want her money. He coldly responded with, “I’m going to rape you.”

Tries To Run Away

Mamadou Diallo Story

As Nenegale tried to run away from the deranged lunatic, he gripped her fragile body and held her down. The man quickly pulled his pants down and exposed himself to her. Yet again, Nenegale desperately tried to run away from the man, but she wouldn’t succeed. But this time around he wouldn’t just force her down, he would make her pay for it…

The Struggle

Mamadou Diallo Story

Screaming at her for attempting to run away again, the man took a chair from the living room to beat her with it. He used it to smash against her body, until she collapsed to the floor. Then, he was sure she wouldn’t fight his attempts anymore. As she screamed for help, he didn’t seem bothered by her pleas, he was focused on only one thing…

A Call To Her Husband

Mamadou Diallo Story

The predator vigorously ripped the clothes off Nenegale and attempted to rape her. But the man’s tall and strong physique would not stop Nenegale’s cousin from attempting to help her. She desperately tried to pull the twisted man off her cousin, helping her break free to call her husband…

A Frantic Call

Mamadou Diallo Story

Finishing his shift earlier than usual, Mamadou was searching for a parking spot outside, when he received the frantic phone call from his wife. Mamadou left his car in the street still running, grabbed a tire iron, and ran faster than ever before. He ran into the elevator of his building and pressed the button for the sixth floor. What must have been a few minutes had felt like all eternity for Mamadou. Would he ever see his beloved wife again or would it be too late?

Face To Face

Mamadou Diallo Story

Mamadou Diallo /

When the elevator doors opened, in the hallway of his apartment, Mamadou would come face to face with the man who had brutally beat his wife and attempted to rape her. Before he could even contemplate what his next move what would be, the man pulled out his belt and started to forcefully hit Mamadou with it. But a measly belt would prove to be no match for a tire iron…

Anger Of A Husband

Mamadou Diallo Story

Mamadou used all his power to strike the perpetrator with the tire iron. But it was not just his strength that would cause the most pain, it was the extreme anger of a husband wanting revenge for his wife. Mamadou bashed the man in his head again and again and again….

Blood Everywhere

Mamadou Diallo Story

The entire hallway was covered in blood. A scene that would fit accordingly in a gruesome horror film. Mamadou repeatedly smashed the tire iron into the man’s body, and would only stop until the arrival of the police. The perpetrator laid unresponsive on the floor with open wounds on every inch of his body. Completely unrecognizable from the monster that had entered Nenegale’s home minutes before. Now, he laid helplessly on the floor holding on to life by a string.

Rushed To The Hospital

Mamadou Diallo Story

The man was rushed to Lincoln hospital where doctors attempted to treat his injuries. But, the doctors’ efforts would not suffice and the man died. The monster who had wreaked havoc on the lives of innocent people was a stranger, someone they had never or met before. But, on the other hand, the police knew the man very well…

A Career Criminal

Mamadou Diallo Story

His name was Earl Nash, a career criminal with a lengthy record that includes 19 prior arrests including robbery, assault and arson. He spent a good portion of his life in and out of prison. He was recently released from prison in July after serving nine years for bribery and drug possession. Nash did not succeed in raping Nenegale thanks to her husband, but Mamadou would not walk away as a hero, but instead, would be charged with murder…

Sitting In Jail

Mamadou Diallo Story

Mamadou was initially charged with manslaughter, despite his claims of self-defense in the attack. But, yet another blow would follow from the Bronx District Attorney’s office, Mamadou was arraigned and charged on two counts of assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment. Not able to post bail, to the horror of Mamadou’s family and the Bronx residents, he would have to sit in jail, awaiting trial.

A Surprising Outcome

Mamadou Diallo Story

But, a surprising outcome would shed light on the case of Mamadou. When Mamadou appeared at the Bronx Supreme Court, he was expecting to possibly make a plea deal with prosecutors. As he stood there, coping with the major possibility of spending more time in jail or even worse, being deported back his native country, the judge told Mamadou, “You are free to go.”

A Shocking Reason

Mamadou Diallo Story

Mamadou’s family, including his wife and three sons, were visibly overwhelmed by the unexpected outcome. The Bronx D.A.’s office abruptly decided to drop all charges against Mamadou, releasing him from jail. And, the reason for his release would shock everyone involved…

The Letter

Mamadou Diallo Story

The family of Nash had written a letter to the Bronx District Attorney’s office pleading for the release of Mamadou to his family. In the letter, they expressed the sorrow for the pain Nash had caused to the family. They also painted a very different picture of Nash…

A Good Man Turns Bad

Mamadou Diallo Story

Nash, the oldest of five children once excelled in sports, acted in television and music videos, and attended Howard University. But after his mother’s death in 1995, Nash “suffered a mental breakdown” and was diagnosed with schizophrenia. His battle with mental illness destroyed his life, turning a normal, law abiding citizen into a monster.

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