Clever Dog Leaves With A Bag Of Food During Hurricane Harvey

A resourceful dog carrying a bag of food down the street during Hurricane Harvey is capturing hearts on the internet. 

Tiele Dockens posted the photo to Facebook on Saturday, which showed the wet dog walking down a road in Sinto, while holding a bag of dog food in its mouth. 

“This dog is walking around Sinton TX carrying an entire bag of dog food with him. LOL #refugee,” Dockens wrote.

The dog immediately caught her attention, meanwhile, the dog’s owner, Salvador Segovia was searching everywhere for his grandson’s dog, Otis. He says the storm must have scared Otis and he probably ran away. “I stuck my head out yelling and yelling, and no Otis,” Segovia told review “The following morning, I got out and kept yelling, circled the block and everything, and nothing. We didn’t know where Otis was.”

Credit: Salvador Segovia via

Dockens followed the dog to make sure he wasn’t lost and she ended up outside Segovia’s house. “This lady comes by and tells me, ‘Is that your dog coming down the road?’ ” Segovia said. “And I turn around, there comes Otis, and he’s carrying food!” The brown German shepherd mix walked up to the front porch, set down the bag of food and laid on the floor, Segovia told the news site. 

Dockens, who lives a few miles away from the Segovia’s said it looked like the dog was on a mission. “I just thought it was so cute,” she said. 

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[Featured Image Credit: Tiele Dockens/Twitter]

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