Cop Dances With Scared Elderly Hurricane Evacuee


In times of natural disasters, local police officers risk their lives in order to make sure strangers are out of harm’s way and their communities are as prepared as humanly possible.

However, Deputy James Froelich from Florida’s Osceola Sheriff’s Office realized there was still work to be done after helping evacuate elderly residents from an assisted living facility that was in Hurricane Irma’s path. While working at a shelter, Froelich noticed an elderly woman named Pat looked worried and knew he had to do something to cheer her up.

Photo by Facebook/Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

“She was having a hard time,” Froelich said. “She looked really sad. I said, ‘What would put a smile on your face?’ and she said, ‘How about a dance?’ So I stood up with her and started to dance.” Without hesitating, Froelich started singing “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” by Frank Sinatra and began dancing with her.

Photo by Facebook/Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

“I felt great; I was able to help someone else out and make someone else feel better. She looked like she was ecstatic. She said it was the best time she had in years,” said Froelich, who is being hailed a hero for his kind gesture. “We are here to make sure people stay safe.”

Photo by Facebook/Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

Watch the entire video below to see the sweet thing this police officer did for a distraught elderly woman.

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[Featured image: Facebook/Osceola County Sheriff’s Office]


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