Why!? Crazy Video Shows Kangaroo Punching Little Boy In The Face


When little Dyson was at a wild life park at Glen Waverley in Melbourne with his family, he mother Tiff caught the craziest moment on camera. 

Dyson was hesitant to feed the animals, but he took advice from his older brother to “walk straight at it.”

Credit: DailyMail- Newsflare

When Dyson took a step forward, the kangaroo punches him in the face. After the attack, the mother laughs in shock as she asks her son if he’s ok.“Are you alright Dyson, did it get you? Are you ok?” she asked. 

Dyson’s brother who was responsible for leading him towards the animal, is shocked after what happened, and asks, “Did it get you in the face? Oh sh**.”

Credit: DailyMail- Newsflare

Still in shock by the hit, Dyson walks away from the kangaroo shielding his face with his hands. A little girl who was a witness to the event is heard screaming in the background, “get away from me.”

We are unsure if Dyson suffered any serious injuries from the incident. 

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