Dad Frees Trapped Wife In Labor From Home


Usually, when expecting moms go into labor, they jump in the car and head straight to the hospital. However, when one Atlanta mom’s water broke, she was trapped inside her home after a tree fell on it during a storm.

Heather and Mehrvarz Yavaliollah thought they still had about a month before their twins would be born, which is why they decided to wait until after Hurricane Irma passed to clean up a tree that fell on their home. “Everything looked fine and we were not expecting anything to happen and then Irma came along and changed all of that,” Heather said.

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However, the next day, Heather’s water broke but she was trapped inside the house and had no way of getting to the hospital. Her husband, Mehrvarz, climbed out, grabbed a chainsaw from their shed, and started hacking away at the tree himself.

Photo by Fox5

“My wonderful neighbors saw me outside, they kind of knew the situation so they started grabbing limbs as I was cutting them off and helped move them to the street, so very thankful to them,” said Mehrvarz. With their help, Mehrvarz managed to clear a path and rushed Heather to Piedmont Hospital where she gave birth to two healthy boys.

Photo by Fox5

“Sweet little angels, so Irma was no indication of their behavior,” Heather said.

Watch the entire video below to see what this father did when his wife went into labor after a tree fell on their house.

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