Hospital Grants Dying Patient’s Last Wish

Hospice care workers dedicate their lives to making sure people are as comfortable as possible in their final moments, but medical staff from a German hospital are being hailed heroes for going above and beyond to grant a patient’s final wish.

When a 58-year-old sick German woman, whose identity has been kept private, took a turn for the worse earlier this month, her doctors and hospice caretakers told family she didn’t have much time left. Before falling ill, the woman was an avid horse rider so her sister explained to staff that it was important she see her horse one last time.

Photo by Clinic Fürth

At first, Josef Rauch from Clinic Fürth planned to have the patient brought to the stables in an ambulance, but when her condition rapidly worsened, they knew that wouldn’t be an option. Instead, Rauch reached out to the stable to see if the woman’s Iceland Mare named Dana could be transported to the hospital.

Photo by Clinic Fürth

“If we want to do it, it should happen today,” Rauch said to the owner of the horse farm. The man had been in the middle of preparing for a holiday, but when he heard what was happening, he dropped everything and got Dana to the woman just in time.

Photo by Clinic Fürth

“Now, in the presence of her family, the patient has once again been able to pet her former care horse – a moving moment for everyone present,” Clinic Fürth wrote in a post on Facebook. “Many thanks to all interested parties for this unforgettable action – especially to the staff of the Reitstalls Witting Hoff for the commitment and the spontaneous willingness to transport the horse to the Clinic fürth!”

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[Featured image: Clinic Fürth]

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