Louisiana Officers Hilariously Overreact To Alligator Displaced During Flood


A Louisiana sheriff’s deputy was called to the scene to capture an alligator that was in the street, and he hilariously overreacted. 

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office posted the video of the incident on their Facebook of a group of deputies gathered around a small alligator that had its mouth already taped shut. 

Credit: Facebook- Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office (Official)

“Our deputies respond to all kinds of calls, from crime to gators! Side note, we’re not sure if our deputy was screaming like that, but it sure sounded like it, haha,” the Facebook post noted.

In the video, one of the officers stands over the alligator and another jumps up and screams when the gator jolts its head. 

Credit: Facebook- Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office (Official)

While the scream did sound like a woman’s voice, and not the officer, he soon joined his colleagues in laughing at his overreaction.

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Click here to see a cop doing the craziest thing when he sees an alligator in the street.

[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office (Official)] 


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