‘Magic Bullet’ Finds Unintended Target in Anchorage

Anyone who’s ever been on the internet knows that there are millions of unusual stories hitting the news every day. Situations, either born of mistaken identity, prematurely-firing weapons, or an overzealous pit bull, are everywhere these days and we get to learn about each and every one.

This story is about an unusual 911 call that drew not only the attention of the fine police officers of Anchorage, Alaska but also the entire world…

Early Hours

Victor Sibson Story


It was in the early hours of the morning on April 19th, when the Anchorage Police Department got the call. The 911 dispatcher had told them that a man had called in extreme distress and that apparently some manner of gun violence was involved. This being Alaska and all, they wondered if perhaps it was some sort of early morning hunt gone wrong.


He’d Shot Himself

Victor Sibson Story


What they found when they got to the house was quite different indeed. The man in question, a local 21-year-old named Victor, had reportedly shot himself in the head. The Anchorage Police officers arrived at the scene to find a crying man with a gunshot wound to his head, and that wasn’t all…

That’s Not All

Victor Sibson Story


In addition to the grievously-wounded man, the officers also found his 22-year-old girlfriend, Brittany Mae, lying on the floor as well. Like Victor, she too had been shot, and she had a significant amount of blood on her chest. They weren’t sure what happened, but they were absolutely certain it wasn’t good.

What Had He Done?

Victor Sibson Story

Brittany Haag / Facebook

Had he shot her and then himself in some bizarre murder/suicide? It certainly was a possibility, and it had been known to happen before. Could he have chickened out when it came time to kill himself and called the cops in some last-ditch effort to prove his innocence? Whatever it was, the police were going to get to the bottom of it.

Emergency Transport

Victor Sibson Story


Both Victor and Brittany Mae were still breathing when the officers arrived, so they quickly helped the paramedics load the two victims into the ambulance. First responders transported the, to the closest hospital, Providence Alaska Medical Center, and held their breath to see what would happen next.


Long-Term Couple

Victor Sibson Story

Brittany Haag / Facebook

While the police awaited word of their status, they began some preliminary investigation into the couple’s relationship. They had been dating for a number of years and as far as their neighbors were concerned, had been madly in love. Though madness and love are often very close cousins. One wonders if that was what caused the issue in the first place…


Victor Sibson Story


Victor and Brittany Mae Haag were transported to the hospital and rushed into emergency surgery. Immediately upon his arrival, the doctors tested his blood alcohol content. These tests revealed that Sibson’s blood-alcohol content was above 0.3, which meant it was over three times the legal limit.

Gunshot Wound

Victor Sibson Story


Sibson’s gunshot wound appeared to have entered, from 9-o-clock and exited from 11-o-clock, according to the subsequent investigation. But it also appeared that the same bullet had entered into Ms. Haag’s armpit, entering from 3-o-clock and exiting from 9-o-clock. So what really happened?

Dead Gone

Victor Sibson Story


Unfortunately, the police would never get a chance to ask Brittany Mae what happened that night. She was pronounced dead at 2:51 a.m., less than 30 minutes after the original 911 call was made. The only person who knew why she was shot was the man who held the gun: Victor Sibson.



Victor Sibson Story


Before they could question him, however, it appeared that Victor Sibson was released from the hospital. Miraculously, though the bullet had gone through his head, it had missed his brain, and thanks to the prodigious skill of the medical personnel, he had survived his ordeal. The problem was, this was the exact opposite of what he’d wanted…


Victor Sibson Story

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Based purely on the physical evidence at the scene, the Anchorage police believed that it was fair to assume that Sibson had attempted to kill himself first, not after he’d shot Brittany Mae. Indeed, the assumption now was that it was his suicide attempt which ultimately cost his 22-year-old girlfriend her life.

The Scene

Victor Sibson Story


Setting the scene, investigators worked out how the whole thing went down. Victor Sibson was most likely sitting down, contemplating the act when he put the gun to his temple with his left hand. His girlfriend, seeing what he was about to do, reached out for the gun with her right hand…

Hit Her Too

Victor Sibson Story


It seemed in his misguided attempt to off himself, Sibson’s shot went rogue as it exited his head and struck Brittany Mae in the armpit, nicking one of her most vital arteries in the process. What’s worse, it looked as though the loving girlfriend was killed whilst trying to prevent Victor killing himself.


Tried To Save

Victor Sibson Story


Knowing this, that Brittany Mae Haag was trying to help him to not make a life-ending mistake, he still fired the gun. This selfish act, not the suicide itself, but the reaction to her pleas to stop, condemned her to death and the Alaska District Attorney wanted to see that he paid for it by serving his time…


Victor Sibson Story


Assistant District Attorney James Fayette called what Victor Sibson did an “extreme-indifference killing.” What’s more, was the fact that Sibson seemed to feel little guilt about the life he’d taken, and more regret over the life he didn’t take by his mistaken act: his own.

Serious Charges

Victor Sibson Story


Sibson was indicted on a second-degree murder charge for his connection in the death of Brittany Mae Haag. At first though, when the charge was released, Sibson was nowhere to be found. After leaving the hospital, he had vanished. Now the police were looking for him…

At Large

Victor Sibson Story


For two days, Anchorage police were unable to contact Victor Sibson. The district attorney wanted to remand him into police custody, but that was proving to be impossible as they had no idea where he was. Their next choice was to contact his mother, who was his closest relative and might know where he was.


Call for Mom

Victor Sibson Story


His mother unfortunately was similarly unavailable. Without her, his whereabouts were unknown. For all they knew, he had made it out of the state, which would have made it nearly impossible for him to be tracked down. Then, three days after releasing an APB for him, he turned up…

Not Guilty

Victor Sibson Story


Victor Sibson had decided that running away was no use and he turned himself in three days after the warrant was released. He pleaded not guilty in his arraignment in Alaska superior court and though he has not yet retained an attorney, his trial is set to begin at the end of August 2018. He is being held at the Anchorage jail on $250,000 bond.

Life Sentence

Victor Sibson Story


If he is eventually convicted, Victor Sibson faces a sentence of between 15 and 99 years in prison for second-degree murder. This amounts to what is essentially a life sentence. A life for a life certainly seems fair.

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