Mechanic Rescues Kitten Trapped Inside Car Engine


While driving to work one morning, one driver in China couldn’t figure out why a stray cat that she had seen outside her house was chasing her for miles.

It all made sense, however, when she got into her car after work and heard what sounded like faint meows coming from somewhere inside her car. Some coworkers and passersby stopped to help try but all failed to figure out where the kitten must have gotten trapped.

Photo by Inside Edition

After a while, mechanic Zheng Lu came to help and refused to stop looking even when the kitten stopped making any noise. “The mother cat had been waiting for the kitten, refusing to go, which indicated that it was still alive, so we would not give up,” Lu said.

Photo by Inside Edition

The good Samaritans continued to work past sunset thanks to flashlights, and eventually, Lu managed to find the weeks-old kitten after he jacked the car up and started taking apart the engine. “I was just eager to get it out as soon as possible,” said Shu Tian, a deputy head of Sunshine SOS, a non-profit organization that was called to the scene to help.

Photo by Inside Edition

Watch the entire video below to see what these heroes did to save a kitten trapped inside a car.

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[Featured image: Inside Edition]


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