Officer Reunites Mom With Baby He Rescued From Flood


In the wake of devastation in Houston, Texas left by Hurricane Harvey, Corporal Reed Clark was assigned to a high-water rescue team in order to save children with urgent medical needs.

Cpl. Clark, a supervisor of community public relations for the Harris County Precinct 2 Constable’s Office, set out in a Chevrolet Tahoe with a partner after they were notified about a boy with severe asthma who was stranded in a flooded area.

Photo by Reed Clark

While on their way to the boy’s location, the pair was forced to abandon the truck when the water got too high. Thankfully, the officers spotted a civilian with jet skis on a trailer and asked to borrow them. “The water was so high that we couldn’t see the street signs,” Cpl. Clark said. “I only knew to turn onto the street because I saw a light pole … the current was picking up very fast, like rapids almost.”

The officer rescued the boy, but while driving back, they spotted a group of about 15 people holding boxes and bags above their head in water that was up to their necks. “They were screaming, ‘Baby! Baby!’” he said. “I saw debris floating by, and I thought the baby was in the water … they saw me looking and pointed back to a woman holding what looked like a blanket.”

Photo by Dajauh Zhane Henix

“I turned around to come back, and the water went over her head. She held the baby above the water … I grabbed the baby and told her to (meet me at the designated rescue area),” Cpl. Clark said about the mother, Dajauh Zhane Henix. “This mother did what any great parent would do. She realized how fast and deep the water current was…She put her babies life ahead of her own and asked for us to take the baby to higher ground,” Constable Christopher E. Diaz said.

Cpl. Clark brought the baby and other rescued children to the designated rescue area, but found out later that day that the baby’s mother had not yet claimed her. Clark knew his job wasn’t finished and turned to Facebook to help him locate the baby’s family.

Photo by Constable Christopher E. Diaz

Shortly after Clark posted the photo of the baby, a friend miraculously recognized the baby’s photo and connected him with her mother, who had been desperately looking for her baby. “She’s a true hero,” said Cpl. Clark. “She never said, ‘help me’ — she said, ‘get my baby out of here.’”

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[Featured image: Facebook/Constable Christopher E. Diaz]


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