Pilot Air-Drops Sandwich To His Hungry Best Friend In North Dakota

We’ve all heard the saying, “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” and if you have really great friends, you should hold on to them.

One particular man from North Dakota followed this rule and as he was flying back from a dentist appointment, he decided to bring back a sandwich for his hardworking friend on the farm. Mitchell Wirth, who had forgotten his lunch that day and was busy sweating on the field, was air dropped a sandwich by his good friend and pilot, Nathan Howatt. 

Credit: Facebook- Nathan Howatt

Being that Wirth had no access to any food for miles, Howatt air-dropped him a delicious Subway sandwich. Howatt, 23, who has a flying license and was traveling back from Devils Lake, dropped his hungry friend a pepper jack cheese ranch sandwich with banana peppers. 

The sandwich landed right on target and Howatt posted a video and two photos to Facebook of the incident. “Had to fly to devils lake for a dentist appointment this morning, figured I better help out and drop a meal to a hungry buddy on my flight back home. Was still warm when he got it lol,” Howatt wrote. 

“Subway melt care package,” Howatt wrote on one of the photos, while warning Wirth that is was “coming your way.” “Thanks buddy, nice shot,” text on the video reads.

As expected, people cannot stop laughing from his kind gesture and commenters are even tagging their best friend and asking them to do the same. 

Credit: Facebook- Nathan Howatt

People are even leaving their food requests under Howatt’s photo for him to air drop them food too. “Triple truffle large blizzard at the north end of main street munich please!” one Facebook user wrote.

Would you do this for your best friend?

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[Featured Image Credit: Facebook- Nathan Howatt]


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