Touching Photo Captures Woman Viewing Solar Eclipse With Her Elderly Father

A Nashville woman is making headlines after a touching photo of her helping her elderly father experience the eclipse went viral. 

In the photo, Hedy Morrison, 66, tilts her elderly dad’s wheelchair back as his head rests on her chest to watch the eclipse. Morrison told ABC News, “There were four generations of us there watching. It was a really special moment. I’m so thrilled my dad was alive long enough to see his first total eclipse ever.”  

Credit: Inside Edition via Molly Morrison

Morrison’s father, Will Roberts, celebrated his 93rd birthday on August 17, which is a milestone hospice caregivers didn’t think he’d reach. “At 93 years and 4 days, he witnessed his eclipse,” Hedy Morrison proudly said of her beloved dad. “It was unbelievable. It was pretty special he got to see it and we got to see it together.”

Morrison couldn’t be happier she was able to give back to her father, who had taken care of her all his life. “Twenty years ago I lost my husband in a car accident and I had five children, and he took care of me for all those years,” she said. “And now it’s my turn to take care of him. Four years ago he had a stroke. He hasn’t been able to talk in four years but he’s the most patient, sweet, loving man in the whole wide world.”

Credit: Inside Edition via Molly Morrison

Molly Morrison, Hedy’s daughter says her mom is the most caring, selfless person she has ever known, adding that since her grandfather’s stroke, her mom, who lives next door to him, has put him to bed almost every single night. “She does so many amazing things for other people and rarely has time to do things for herself,” said Molly Morrison. “She is truly my hero and I wish there were more people in the world like her.”

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[Featured Image Credit: Inside Edition via Molly Morrison]

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