How to Tailgate… Paleo Style

Summer is winding down. My heart just shed a tear.  Like a huge, crocodile tear.  (Guys, I live 30 minutes from the beach and I didn’t make it to the ocean ONE.SINGLE.TIME this summer.  Life is so different these days.)

Coleman Kabobs 6

That being said, fall is my season.  Our season.  I love summer but fall is for camping, grilling and being outside.  This is even more true now that I am living the life as special-needs-mom (every time I type it or say it, it still makes me step back and go ‘whoa’). Lorelei’s mitochondrial disease makes it a bit tougher for us to fly by the seat of our pants.  Everything takes planning.  And then canceling of those plans.  Then being open minded about the whatever happens-happens kind of plans.

I cannot wait for Fall.  I used to love it – but now I long for it.  The season when the temps crisp and cool and my child can go outside!  We don’t have to worry about the heat.  We have one less component to plan (or worry about).  We can feel a tad bit more normal… until it gets too cold.  But that’s another story.

Coleman Kabobs 2

Today I am sharing my go-to fall, grilling, tailgating, festive, whole30, paleo recipe. You can’t beat Kabobs these days (unless you realllly need to keep things simple in which case just grab some whole30 compliant, paleo spicy chicken sausage from Trader Joes and call it a day!)  We are “tailgating” and kicking off the season with our essentials from Coleman (and our new camper)!  Gotta love an excuse to set up your camper and gear in the backyard right?! 

I purchased my Coleman Roadtrip LXE grill online at  Walmart makes shipping easy for those of use who don’t get out much – or pick up even easier for those who need an excuse to get out!

Coleman Kabobs 1

Whole30 Kabobs on the grill are easy to pack ahead of time (if you’re traveling or tailgating away from home) and allows you to be creative.  Grab the bites you like best (chicken, beef, veggies or even fruit!) stick them on a skewer, pop them in your Coleman cooler and go.  When you get to your tailgating site or your campground, use your Coleman grill (or the open fire) and cook up your dinner!

Whole30 Kabobs

Great for tailgating or backyard grilling!

Author: Susan {2 cats & chloe.}


  • Protein of choice (we use chicken, steak or shrimp)
  • Veggies of choice (peppers and onions are a must, but consider mushrooms and zucchini too!)
  • Fruit of choice (loveeee me some pineapple and tomatoes!)
  • Marinade of choice (Tessamae’s BBQ or a simple coconut aminos, garlic, salt and pepper combo)


  1. Soak wooden skewers in water for a couple of hours before grilling so they do not catch on fire.
  2. Cut up your proteins, veggies and fruit into smaller, bite-sized pieces and put in individual piles or bowls.
  3. Let your family members ‘build their own’ skewers with their favorite paleo ‘toppings’!
  4. Grill on medium heat until meat is cooked to desire doneness.
  5. Enjoy!


Life Hack for local folks:  Harris Teeter (one of our local grocery store) sells kabobs pre-made and decently priced.  They make life so much easier when you need a quick dinner full of veggies and protein but you don’t really feel like cooking.  (Or when you’re on your way to tailgate or camp!)  Yes, they have some with a marinade – which truth be told, I haven’t checked to see if it’s compliant, but I assume it’s not. So buy them “naked” and add your own seasonings and marinades.  (Please try ordering “Naked Kabobs” from your butcher and tell me what happens! LOL!)

Coleman Kabobs 5coleman kabobs 4

Pair these whole30, paleo kabobs with my tomato and cucumber side dish, and a salad mason couple of mason jars and you’re good to go!  (Wine for those who are NOT on a whole30…)  Happy camping y’all!


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