Woman Finally Asks Stepdad To Adopt Her After 17 Years

About 17 years ago, Lindsey Collins met the man that would one day become her stepfather when he arrived at her house to take her mother out on a date.

From the very beginning, Mark High made sure that the then nine-year-old always felt included. “He would take me to the mall to buy a rare Pokemon card, then go on a date with my mom. I was always so included,” Lindsey said. And as High’s relationship progressed with Lindsey’s mom, Jamie, he happily became a father figure to Lindsey.

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“I always treated her like she was my daughter. In my mind, I would adopt her in a heartbeat,” High said. “We would have a discussion. I would explain why and why not to do something.” In 2001, High and Jamie got married and they would often talk about having High officially adopt Lindsey.

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The family never followed through with the adoption, so when Lindsey, now 26, was trying to figure out what to do for High this past Father’s Day, she decided to finally surprise him with adoption papers. “It is never too late. If anything ever happened to my mom, their marriage is the only thing that signifies that we’re connected,” Lindsey said. “I wanted to be his daughter.”

Photo by Youtube/totalimmortal157

“I was totally surprised,” High said about the moment he unwrapped the adoption papers. “I lost it, because I always wanted to be her father.”

Watch the entire video below to see the amazing moment this young woman surprised her dad with adoption papers.

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[Featured image: Youtube/totalimmortal157]



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